Sicilian AV project (2014 remastered)

by Sicilian AV project

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With Antonino Musco we did a lot of things that most people in their twenties usually don't do.
He as publisher and myself as journalist, both absolute beginners, we explored the suburbs of our cities until we got guns pointed at our temples by 10-year-old gangsters. Trespassing the gates we "invaded" the favelas, until we got kicked out by the police because we were asking too many questions to earthquake victims who lived and still live in the containers. We met hookers and pushers with ambitions that are better off unrevealed. We had dinner with anti-Mafia magistrates and prisoners, having to pay the bill in both cases. We occupied the camp where immigrants are detained without a visa. We disgraced Ministers of the Italian Republic thus making fortunes for their lawyers as well as our own, while we were left with nothing. We had something more valuable than money, we had our freedom.
We payed the cost of bringing to light these issues using media. Forced to completely shut down our magazine and website. We were exiled from our land, Sicily. Although being forced from home we enjoyed every moment we had there. We found meaning despite everything, we felt deeply the beauty in the experience.

After 7 years from the first release the feeling of the album is not nostalgic. Sicilian AV Project is not music to sit back thinking about how beautiful and sad the land is where we were born. The music carries the same message then, as it does now. The same pressing issues exist, the same beauty in the heart ache is felt through the rhythms of each song.
Sicilian AV Project takes you through a dangerous race in the darkest back alleys of our cities of the South. The sounds that collect and transmit make you snap, blow up and they bombard you with that damn seductive harshness. Poetry that tugs at your soul from the urban deserts and streets of the South. Where there lies concrete the music grows flowers through the pavement. Poetry is born of this sweaty frenzy of sound.
Sicilian AV project is made by musicians who, like Musco, experienced and reinterpreted their history and the history of their land with eyes and ears wide open in a non-traditional style. For this reason, the narrative voice throughout the album is from Leonardo Sciascia, maybe the most unconventional among sicilian intellectuals from last century.

After 7 years, this music is even more explosive, deeper and more aggressive thanks to the re-mastering by Mark Pistel (Meat Beat Manifesto / Hercules & Love Affairs), who was able to capture and enhance the mixed feelings that Musco has recorded. Between many meanings of this album, perhaps the most important is that Sicilian AV Project has the right sounds to bleed into ones ears. To tell tales of struggles, of an aching in the flesh, of elegance in the chaos. No matter where in the world, even from a small island in Mediterranean.
Gianluca Ferro / translation by Jessy Manuel & Zeb


released May 21, 2014


Pepper Adams: bari sax (8 - samples from "Moanin'" - Charles Mingus "Blues & Roots", Atlantic 1959)
Gianluca Anastasi: electric piano (10)
Giuliano Cangiano: illustrations
Massimo Caradonna: drums (1)
Pierpaolo Citrano: drums (3)
Vincenzo Consolo: voice (6)
Shirin Demma: vocals (2)
Don Ellis: fluegelhorn (3, 8, 11 - samples from "Just one of those things" - Don Ellis "out of nowhere" candid 1961)
Giuseppe Erbesso: electric piano (1)
Tommaso Galati: electric guitar (1, 7)
Sebastiano Greco: visuals
James Grellier: trumpet (10)
Antonino Musco: guitars, keys, drums programming, synth bass, percussions, production
Peppi Salvaggio: upright bass (1, 4, 7, 11) electric bass (3, 7)
Matteo Scurci: trumpet (4)
Leonardo Sciascia: voice (1, 11 - samples from "incontro con Sciascia: candido in Sicilia", Rai 2, Italy, 2/10/1984)
Cecil Taylor: piano (5 - sampled from "Cecil Taylor in East-Berlin 6/20/1988")
Luigi Tresca: alto sax (1, 3)

All music composed by Antonino Musco (SIAE/ASCAP) except Mantra Centauri composed by Antonino Musco and Gianluca Anastasi (SIAE)
Recorded, mixed and produced by Antonino Musco.
Mastering by Mark Pistel at Room 5 in San Francisco, CA.
© & ℗ 2014 Eclectic Electric ASCAP -


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Todomodo
la Mafia e' un'associazione per delinquere,
con fini di illecito arricchimento dei propri associati
che si pone come intermediazione parassitaria, imposta con mezzi di violenza tra il Capitale e il Lavoro, tra la Produzione e il Consumo, tra il Cittadino e lo Stato.

lo Stato per me e' la costituzione
e la costituzione non esiste piu'.
i tre poteri che dovrebbero restare indipendenti si sono unificati nella partitocrazia,
cioe' i partiti fanno le leggi, le fanno eseguire, le fanno giudicare
quando c'e' questo, una democrazia non esiste piu'

il Potere e' sempre altrove

il Potere e' sempre altrove

ecco, il piu' grande peccato della Sicilia e' stato ed e' sempre quello di non credere nelle Idee.
qui che le Idee muovono il mondo non si e' mai creduto


Mafia is a criminal conspiracy
that aims to enrich in illegal way his members
that imposes itself with violent attitudes like a parassitary brokerage,
between Work and Capital, between Production and Consumption, between Citizen and State

the concept of State is by me the Costitution
and Costitution doesn't exist anymore
because the three powers (Legislative, Executive, Judicial) that should be independent now are joined together in partitocracy
so parties make laws, make them executive and judge them
when this happens, there's no more democracy

power is always elsewhere

power is always elsewhere

the biggest sicily's sin always is and always has been to not believe in ideas
here where ideas can change the world they have never been trusted

Leonardo Sciascia

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